Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Friends

I've known them about two and a half months. It seems like I've known them for years. We spend practically every second together... class, library, sonic runs. We share struggles, prayer requests, victories and have formed quite the little 46 person family. And like true family, there are moments when your little sister drives you crazy, moments when you think your parents are idiots, and moments when you are sure you don't belong and must have been adopted. But in the end, you love them. 

My community in the last 3 months has changed drastically. I've had to say no to so many events and fun activities because of school. There have been major frustrations. But there have also been plenty of days that I wouldn't trade. School friends have rallied around and become my new community. Its been a difficult transition at times but moments like these make it a million times easier...
Sitting at Chick-fil-A, homemade birthday cake, laughing at something inappropriate I've said.