Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Boom

I knew it was inevitable. I'm all grown up. Or at least all of my friends are. Within the last year, most of my close girlfriends from home either had babies or announced they're pregnant. BABIES! And I LOVE it. My friends are amazing godly women and I have no doubt will be incredible moms.

But suddenly, it hit me. I'm not just one step behind anymore. I'm two (in some cases, three) steps behind. It seems like life is moving forward for everyone but me. Do you ever feel like you're stuck in the waiting? Like you've been sucked into some time warp and can't get out. I feel like time is speeding by and I'm still living like its 1999.

Even in the waiting, even in the unknown and uncertainty, even in the loneliness and singleness, when nothing in my world makes sense, I will praise the God who calms the seas and calls each star by name. Because that same God, who is "too lofty for me to attain" (Ps 139) is jealous for me and knows each hair on my head. Just try for 2 seconds to wrap your brain around that. It won't happen. THE One & Only Almighty, Ruler of all creation, Alpha & Omega, longs for my heart and a deep relationship with me.

And yet, I flail around like a 2 year old having a tempertantrum on the floor when God doesn't do things exactly how I've planned.

Today I will cling to truth - His ways are higher than my ways. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Nothing is beyond His control. He is Sovereign and Holy above all things. He is faithful to His promises - to give me hope and a future. My life is for His glory, not my comfort or my calendar. I am privileged to be a part of His story. How boring would life be if all went according to plan?! We'd all be such sticks in the mud. So thank the Lord my story looks different!! Hallelujah!

And in the mean time, check out the cuteness of their bambinos: