Friday, March 1, 2013

Get Up and Go

Last night, one of my dearest friends invited me over to cook dinner for me. Just because. Typically I avoid third wheel opportunities but she and her husband are the closest thing to family here and I love to fill the extra seat at their table. As we stood in her kitchen, tossing kale and chopping chicken, she shared how the Lord has been stirring things up in her heart. Big things, powerful things, challenging things. She and her husband are standing at one of life's big crossroads, one that could result in a major move. But she is not fearful, she is not doubting, she knows where she stands, who she belongs to... a God who has hemmed her in, a faithful Father who does not abandon or forsake. Her foundation is unshakeable.

My sweet friend's heart was bursting with excitement at the opportunity to live a bigger story. One far beyond any dream she could dream for herself. A sovereign God who is limitless. No matter where she and her husband land, the Lord has gone before them and leveled the mountains, broken down gates of bronze, cut through bars of iron. (Is 45:2) Their steps are sure.

These types of conversations are not rare moments, they happen all the time. Women sharing stories of God's kindness, His faithfulness, His generosity, His graciousness. Women who encourage me, push me, inspire me. I'm surrounded and I absolutely love it. And even though my selfish heart breaks at the possibility of my best friends moving away, I'm so grateful to witness friends who are willing to get up and go when God calls. That's what life is all about. We are not called to sit on our hands. We are called to action. We are called to be fearless followers.

I love this message by Christine Caine at World Mandate about living fearlessly. "The purpose of life is not to arrive at death safely." Take a listen. Risky Living.

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