Monday, December 31, 2012


This past year has been full of more challenges than my other 29 years combined. Lows so low I wasn't sure I could even see my way out, walking with certainty in a direction only to find the path crumbling in front of me, an unexpected diagnosis that felt like the death of so many dreams. It seemed the rain was unending. 

But more than anything this year, more than the feelings, more than the disappointments, I found the depth of God's faithfulness and the certainty of His steadfast love like never before. The many nights I spent on my knees begging to know the why's were answered with sweet whispers of His unchanging character. He is still God. He is always good. He is always just. He is Redeemer. He is Lover. He is Healer. He is Abba Father.  

My little mind was incapable of seeing and knowing Him for all that He is without walking through the valleys. God uses rainbows in Scripture as a promise of His faithfulness but only by the rain can you experience the full spectrum of colors. And I felt the rain. And I saw the colors.

Hallelujah, what a Savior.

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