Saturday, June 9, 2012


Tonight, as I'm about to go to sleep, I am full. Physically nourished from chicken, quinoa, salad & let's be honest, Corona. Spiritually overflowing from good conversations about life, relationships, Africa, purpose. Tonight, people that I love dearly, my family in this city, sat on my back porch and ate together, laughed together, and rejoiced together. That is life. My heart wanted to explode it was so full. I am blessed.  

Friends, some old, some new, trading stories and crying with laughter. I tend to see with eyes that see the lack... what I may be missing, comparing to others, but tonight I saw abundance. A life of goodness that I do not deserve. Community so precious that I never want it to change. Marriages, relationships, introductions all seen tonight. Different stages, each in the exact spot where we're supposed to be. Thankful, so overwhelmed with gratitude for the hearts around me.

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