Sunday, December 6, 2009


A while back, Randy talked about being enslaved to sin. In particular, a recurring stumble that it seemed like you'd never get over. How quickly I related to that! Yeesh, he might as well have said, "OK Laura, I'm talking straight to you. You are sitting in a prison cell." How often do I remain in the jail cell knowing full well that I can walk out into freedom leaving the chains behind? I choose to stay in the prison because of the false sense of safety. Its known. I've been here, I know what to expect. I choose captivity & its familiarity rather than running as fast I as can into the freedom on the other side.

The root of all enslavement comes from believing lies instead of truth and for me, overcoming lies is an epic battle. They spread like cancer through every area of my life. Some lies are just nonsense and easy to combat and then there are those others that I deep down believe are truth. You would think it'd be easy to distinguish between blatant lies and unshakable truths but unless I am always prepared for the spiritual battle (Eph 6:10-20), lies disguised as truth seem to stick around.

Give me eyes to see more of Him, less of me. 

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